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Payroll Services

Unique is able to work with many clients for their payroll needs. Do you have the employees you would like to use for your assignment, but do not want to add the overhead cost? Payrolling your employees through Unique Employment could be the solution for you. When you payroll employees through Unique , we take care of all administrative duties that come with new hires. We also take care of payroll, taxes, insurance, workers compensation, and bonding of employees.

When might I want to payroll my employees?

  • If you have the employees, but need a partner in administrative, human resources, and insurance coverage.

  • If you want to increase staff while controlling cost.

Why would I want to payroll employees?

  • At the end of the assignments you have no other worries with handling year-end reports, W-2ís, unemployment claims, or other long term HR related issues.

  • If you do not have workers compensation insurance, but need your employees to be covered.

  • If you want a time period to evaluate their performance, before putting them on your payroll.

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