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Unique Employment Services is here to help.

Have you decided on a career change? Are you just entering the workforce? Are you looking for that perfect fit for your skill set–Unique Employment Services is here to help.

Unique Employment Services has been the local leader in employment services to Corpus Christi for almost 4 decades. Our goal is to make your job search experience better and easier. We start by listening closely to understand your skills, interests and goals. Then we work to give you choices that suit your skills and lifestyle.

Leverage our relationships with local companies of all sizes and industries who appreciate your skills and want to invest in people who can add value to their businesses.

Our job placement services are always 100% free for job seekers.

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Endless Possibilities.

Unique Employment Services offers Temporary/Contract, Temporary to Hire, and Direct Hire Placements.

What type of work are you looking for? Are you a top notch business professional or getting started in skilled trades? Maybe you are not sure what career path to take — whatever the case, we know who needs what you have to offer and we have the expertise to match jobs to you where you can succeed.


Everything You Need to Know About Getting Hired Quickly Through a Staffing Agency

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High level of flexibility

Looking for a high level of flexibility? Working for Unique Employment Services on a Temporary/Contract basis will give you needed experience as you work through different assignments with different companies, all the while maintaining your employment with Unique Employment Services.

Temporary employment allows you to work when and where you choose. You can work full-time or part-time. Take a summer off. Work just three or four days a week or build your schedule around college classes.


Two-thirds of employees say temporary and contract work gives them flexible work time and the time for family that they desire.

American Staffing Association, 2014.



American Staffing Association, 2014.

Working Temporary/Contract employment could also allow you to experience a variety of industries, companies, and careers you might never have thought of trying—without a long-term commitment. You can find an assignment, job setting, or location that suits your current needs. Since businesses always need temporary help, steady work is common.

Temporary to Hire

Try before you make a commitment

Do you want to make sure that there is a personality/cultural fit before you make a long term commitment? When you work with Unique Employment Services in a Temporary to Hire capacity, you are able to determine whether or not a particular work environment meets all of your professional goals and all of your personal requirements.

After your trial period (usually 90 days), if you and our client are satisfied with everything, you can chose to accept a job offer. If not, you can continue working with Unique Employment Services at one of our other client organizations.


Nearly three-quarters (73%) of former temporary and contract workers found their permanent positions while on assignment for a staffing firm.

American Staffing Association, 2014.

Direct Hire

The traditional solution

Looking for a more traditional employment situation? As you may know, it is a significant investment of resources to implement an internal recruiting and hiring process for most companies. Many of our clients utilize our economies of scale to provide for their staffing recruiting needs. In fact, our team often gets wind of client opportunities before anyone outside of their organization.


We just may have the key to your next career move.

Job Categories

What is your field of interest? Unique Employment Services
works with applicants in a wide array of client job categories.

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What You Can Expect

Unique Employment Services did not invent the art of listening but we do a great job of it. When you are ready to begin your job search with us, you can call to make an appointment or stop in at your convenience to apply in person Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00-2:00 pm. You will meet with one of our talented Staffing Supervisors who will:

  • Get to know you and determine the type of career you are seeking.
  • Assess your skills and experience level.
  • Review your work history and prepare you for interviews.
  • Input your information into our robust talent management system in order to match your skills and experience as new job opportunities become available.

Our job placement services are always 100% free for job seekers.

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What You Need To Bring

  • Valid Employment Identification
  • Hard copy of your resume


  • Copy of complete work history
  • List of Professional References

Please allow at least an hour to apply and interview with our Staffing Supervisor. Additional time may also be scheduled for computer skills testing.


Direct Deposit/Pay Card

We offer our employees a no hassle way to receive their compensation. All of our employees get paid on a weekly basis. Every week your pay will automatically be sent to your checking/savings account or to your pay card (which you will receive upon being placed on assignment). We also offer free checking accounts if you do not have one.

Paid Holidays

If you are a full-time employee and have met our eligibility requirements, you are entitled to the following paid holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Free Skills Training

We offer our employees free skills training, which can be a real plus for opening up your employment options. You can chose from tutorials in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and a variety of other technology platforms.

We can also assist with résumé preparation, interviewing skills, and how to handle yourself at a client work site in order to make a good impression.

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