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Workplace Safety: Avoid Spider Bites

As the weather warms, workplace safety is top priority as many jobs gear up for outdoor activity—perhaps spring cleaning of a work site or storage building.  Care should be taken as warm weather is also a time for spiders to be active. In the South and Midwest, brown recluse and black widow spiders are theContinue Reading

Texas Weather: Your Inclement Weather Policy

Growing up in Texas, you often hear, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes. It will change.”  Inclement Weather from hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, to tornadoes across the Central Plains, to fires in the Hill Country, flooding, ice, and snow, Texas has it all.  Being prepared isn’t just about bottled waterContinue Reading

Job Site Safety: Drink Up!

Job site safety isn’t all about power cords and ladders.  The heat can take its toll. Now is the time to prepare for Spring and Summer weather.  Believe it or not, something as simple as sharing a drink—of water, that is—may mean the difference between productivity and injury.  Dehydration taxes mental and physical health. Some ofContinue Reading

Interviewing Staffing Agencies: What to Ask

So, you’re short-handed.  You might even be putting in longer hours or shuffling staff just to get the job done.  This does not seem like a convenient time to post job openings, sift through resumes, and set time aside to do phone and in-person interviews. What’s the answer?  Try a staffing agency. But which one?  SelectingContinue Reading

Is Social Media Hurting Your Job Search?

The old saying, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, is true especially in a job search.  Social media can be a contributing factor in the decision to hire.  Employers are taking a risk when hiring a new person.  Beyond the skills and education needed for the position, employers want insightContinue Reading

The Right Fit: Temporary to Permanent Staffing

Finding the right fit is equally important for employers as well as employees.  Temporary to permanent placement might be the best solution for both.   A credible staffing agency is the best mediator of such an arrangement. A good staffing agency ensures candidates are thoroughly vetted, usually including skills testing, background checks, drug tests, and personalContinue Reading

Resume for Success: 8 Steps

A resume that showcases the best you have to offer while targeting the job that is the right fit will make all the difference in your success.  A resume is more than a depiction of your employment history.  While past employers and dates are important, what is more important is giving a hiring manager insightContinue Reading

2017: What’s in Store for Business?

Unique Employment Services owner, Garry Bradford is like most American business owners trying to gauge what is in store for the new year, with a new President, new Administration, and new Congress.  Having met recently with investment bankers, bank presidents, business owners, and U.S. and State Legislators, Mr. Bradford describes the overall mood among theContinue Reading

Gift Wrap Your Interview

This time of year, I love the joy of wrapping presents.  Yes, the gift takes center stage, but the packaging adds to the delight and anticipation.   It is wonderful to see the enchantment of a friend or loved one, as they behold the beauty of paper and ribbon, and contemplate the treasure within. It is theContinue Reading

Colorful Holidays

Black Friday, White Christmas, Blue-Light Specials, Red-Tag Savings…the list goes on and on… Everything seems to get a little more crowded, and a little more frantic this time of year. Between school programs, church functions, holiday parties, family gatherings, is shopping, preparing, cooking, wrapping, and oh yes! Work. Work brings its own level of franticContinue Reading